Education & Institution

KIPP NYC Macombs Avenue

Bronx, NY

Project Overview

MFS Engineers & Surveyors (MFS) provided professional engineering services at 1504 Macombs Road in the Bronx, NY for a public charter school client, KIPP NYC. The project includes the demolition of two 2-story brick and masonry existing buildings and the construction of a new ground up 6-story school with one cellar level; a total estimated 100,000 GSF.

Bronx, NY

Project Details

MFS was retained to provide geotechnical engineering services including a subsurface exploration as required by the Department of Buildings (DOB). The subsurface investigation consisted of five (5) test borings conducted with a portable electric drill rig within the existing structures on site to depths of approximately 5 to 10 feet below of identified top of decomposed rock. Upon completion of the subsurface investigation, a Geotechnical Engineering Report was prepared with design and construction recommendations.

The school building was designed to be supported on a combined deep and shallow foundation system based on the varying depth to decomposed bedrock and groundwater throughout the project site. MFS prepared pile foundation design and construction documents for the proposed deep foundation elements at the project site. In addition, MFS prepared written specifications for the geotechnical components of the proposed construction. MFS prepared design calculations for the lateral, uplift, and compressive capacities of the piles based on design loads provided by the structural engineer.

Other services provided to the client include the Support of Excavation (SOE) design for the proposed foundation construction. The MFS team reviewed existing subsurface investigation and geotechnical reports to assist in analyzing the braced soldier pile and timber lagging wall with one level of rakers and heel blocks. Additionally, MFS provided a monitoring plan, depicting optical monitoring and vibration monitoring points on the soldier piles and adjacent structures.


  • Owner:
    KIPP NYC Properties, NYC

Services Provided

  • MFS provides professional geotechnical engineering services including geotechnical investigation and subsurface exploration, soil engineering services, and permeability testing.
  • MFS provides professional structural engineering services, working closely with private and public clients and contractors to engineer cost-efficient and sound structural systems, providing design services, building assessments, and structural inspections.