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Linden Bulk Transport

Linden, New Jersey

Project Overview

Linden, New Jersey

Project Details

The project included the rebuilding of the wastewater pretreatment system on site. As part of the project, a 40-foot by 40-foot pre-engineered metal building and a 15-foot diameter by 26-foot-tall steel above ground storage tank (AST) was proposed to be constructed.

In support of the proposed development, MFS coordinated and conducted a field subsurface investigation consisting of two (2) test borings in the vicinity of the pre-engineered metal building and steel AST to depths of approximately 30 and 50 feet below grade. The purpose of the borings was to investigate the general subsurface conditions at the project site and to assist in the design development of the proposed structure foundations.

During the subsurface investigation, the MFS geotechnical team observed the subsurface conditions and generated test boring logs that included soil classifications in accordance with the Unified Soil Classification System, groundwater observations, action of equipment, and other noteworthy observations. The boring logs showed borehole and sample diameters and depths at which drilling or sampling methods or equipment change. Boring logs showed total depth of penetration, blow counts, groundwater level, and types of sampling. Upon completion of the subsurface investigation, laboratory testing was performed by an accredited testing laboratory to confirm the visual soil classifications and obtain relevant geotechnical physical characteristics of the soils encountered on site. Upon completion of the subsurface investigation, MFS prepared a Geotechnical Engineering Data Report which included the results of the subsurface investigation and associated laboratory testing, an as-drilled boring location plan, and seismic design parameters for the proposed structures.

MFS’ structural engineering team, with the assistance of the geotechnical division, provided the structural design of the new foundations for the pre-engineered metal building and steel AST. The pre-engineered metal building foundations were comprised of isolated spread footings, and the steel AST foundation was comprised of a reinforced concrete mat slab. The structural engineering team provided the Final Construction Documents, including foundation plans, sections, schedules, structural details, and construction notes as required to adequately represent the scope of work.


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    Linden Bulk Transportation LLC

Services Provided

  • MFS provides professional geotechnical engineering services including geotechnical investigation and subsurface exploration, soil engineering services, and permeability testing.
  • MFS provides professional structural engineering services, working closely with private and public clients and contractors to engineer cost-efficient and sound structural systems, providing design services, building assessments, and structural inspections.