Waterfront & Marine

NYCEDC Maritime On-Call-102nd Street Inspection

Queens, New York

Project Overview

MFS Consulting Engineers & Surveyor, DPC (MFS) provided structural inspection services to support M.G. McLaren Engineering and Land Surveying P.C. with the NYCEDC Waterfront Routine Inspection at the street segment abutting the Hawtree Basin at 102nd Street in Old Howard Beach, Queens, NY

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Queens, New York

Project Details

The primary objectives of the inspection were to assess the general overall condition of the existing timber bulkhead, assign condition assessment ratings, estimate remaining service life, and determine recommended actions and associated costs. The Routine Inspection Report was compiled in accordance with the NYCEDC Waterfront Inspection Manual.

A Level I effort inspection was a general examination of 100% of the structural elements based on visual and tactile observation. The purpose of the Level I inspection effort was to confirm as-built structural drawings or to develop a facility layout, identify structural elements with obvious major damage or deterioration, and identify structural elements with extensive biological growth or marine borer infestation.

The Level II inspection effort included the removal of 12-in. high bands of marine growth at three elevations: tidal zone, at the mid-depth elevation, and at the mudline. The purpose of the Level II inspection effort was to detect and identify damaged and deteriorated areas that were obscured by marine growth, and to obtain a representative sample of dimensional measurements of the structural elements.

The final Routine Inspection Report provided all required front end information, project introduction, site description, facility description, overall condition assessment ratings, recommendations for corrective action, risk assessment, order of magnitude cost, and supporting documentation as required such as applicable figures and drawings, photograph documentation of the observed conditions and a plan showing the locations of taken photographs, tables, calculations, backup data for cost estimates, field notes, and any references


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