NYSOGS - Auburn Correctional Facility Tower 3

Auburn, New York

Project Overview

MFS Consulting Engineers & Surveyor, DPC (MFS) provided structural engineering services in support of the NYSOGS On-Call for various new, rehabilitation, assessment, and emergency projects statewide. OGS’s request was to provide an assessment of the Auburn Correctional Facility Tower 3 structure and provide repair recommendations for rehabilitation and replacement options.

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Auburn, New York

Project Details

MFS performed a structural inspection with the primary objective of observing and documenting the current condition of Guard Tower 3 to determine potential causes, which have produced interior and exterior vertical cracks throughout the perimeter tower walls. Guard Tower 3 had an overall octagon shape with structural framing comprised of cast-in-place reinforced concrete walls, structural steel interior spiral staircase, and a hipped two-tiered roof. The structural assessment report included all observations obtained during the field investigation, photo documentation of the existing conditions, assessment of the Tower 3’s overall structural integrity, repair recommendations for rehabilitation and replacement, and rough order of magnitude cost estimate for rehabilitation vs. replacement of Tower 3.

The structural evaluation report was reviewed and signed and sealed by a New York licensed professional engineer.


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Services Provided

  • MFS provides professional structural engineering services, working closely with private and public clients and contractors to engineer cost-efficient and sound structural systems, providing design services, building assessments, and structural inspections.