Geotechnical Drilling

Our drillers are experienced in a wide range of innovative, cost effective geotechnical drilling solutions for projects of all sizes and complexities. MFS offers a variety of services to support your construction and engineering needs, including environmental drilling and sampling, subsurface investigations, and more. Our drillers are capable of performing geotechnical drilling for all types of markets and environments.

Geotechnical drilling services include:

  • Soil drilling and sampling: calibrated automatic hammer, manual safety hammer, or donut hammer; 2" and 3" i.d. split spoon sampling; undisturbed (shelby tube) sampling; hand clearing; mud rotary and hollow stem augers; direct push.
  • Test pits: hand excavated or Kubota Backhoe (max. 9’ depth).
  • Groundwater observation wells and dewatering: up to 4" diameter pvc wells; flush-mount and stick-up well cover.
  • Rock coring, asphalt coring, or concrete coring: NQ and HQ Barrels; capabilities up to 10” diameter.

MFS Engineers is equipped to deliver this service across various markets, including residential or commercial construction, real-estate development, energy, education, healthcare, institution, and infrastructure, including bridges, tunnels, and ports.

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