HDR - Staten Island Pump Stations

Boundary and topographic survey services at the Mersereau, Mayflower, and Richmond pump station sites.
Staten Island Pump Stations

KIPP NYC Charter School

Geotechnical Engineering and Drilling, Design Development and Permitting Services
KIPP NYC Charter School, Jerome Avenue

Lowell National Historical Park Trolley Improvements

Repairs, Maintenance, and Vibration Monitoring of Adjacent Structures
USDOT Trolley Track Repair and Maintenance

Amazon Delivery Warehouse Program

Modifications to several sites for a new Amazon Logistical Delivery Warehouse Station
Amazon Delivery Station Program

NJ Transit Raritan River Bridge

Integrity Oversight Management in Support of Project Auditors
NJ Transit Integrity Oversight Management
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While the word “creative” isn’t often used to describe an engineer, at MFS Engineers & Surveyors, we feel as if it’s part of our corporate identity. Innovation and progress are a result of those who dare to sail into uncharted waters. While staying true to sound engineering principles, we are able to push, question, challenge, and ultimately discover new territories; which means better solutions for our clients’ most difficult construction challenges.


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MFS is excited to announce that for the 5th consecutive year we were listed on the Best Places to Work list in New Jersey for medium-sized firms, moving up one...
How can you measure the year 2020? While much of life was on hold starting in early March, #MFS continued to plot a course for the future and managed to...