NYCSCA Design and Construction Service in Connection with Geotechnical Explorations and Special Inspections On-Call


The New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) has awarded MFS Consulting Engineers & Surveyor, DPC a Design and Construction Services in Connection with Geotechnical Explorations and Special Inspections On-Call contract for field explorations, evaluate sites, perform analyses, interpret results of the analyses, and execute geotechnical and foundation designs.

MFS has been awarded the three (3) year contract that provides elements of geotechnical engineering services that include; conducting field inspections during operations, evaluation of soil samples and preparation of boring logs, evaluation of foundation system alternatives, ground water determination, drainage characteristics, settlement calculations, and explicit design recommendations for foundation systems, preparation of complete geotechnical reports, including but not limited to: soil classification, bearing capacities, recommended foundation systems, and liquefaction studies, recommendations for design of civil projects such as drainage systems, playgrounds and athletic fields, preparation of detailed specifications and contract drawings on an as requested basis for specialized structures and systems such as drilled pile foundations, tie-back walls, soil stability systems, dewatering systems, rock anchors, shoring, underpinning, etc., preparation and review of cost proposals and estimates, field inspections during construction and recommendation for solutions arising from field conditions.

MFS Consulting Engineers & Surveyor, DPC was selected to participate in the NYCSCA On-Call in part based on the firm’s history of success with similar projects such as NYCSCA PS 129 Stair Shop Drawing Review, SCA A-E Geotech Invest-Soil Boring Special Inspection, and NYC School Construction Authority-Topographic and Utility Surveying. Through these projects, MFS continues to prove its total commitment to excellence, added value to projects with cost-effective construction services and innovative solutions for modern construction challenges.