Waterfront & Marine

NYCDPR 79th St Boat Basin

Manhattan, New York

Project Overview

The 79th Street Boat Basin, located in Riverside Park, was originally constructed in 1937. Operated by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (NYCDPR), the existing marina is comprised of two large fixed dock structures and several smaller floating dock structures, with a dock house constructed on piles above the river.

As a result of Superstorm Sandy, the marina sustained extensive damage. In a separate project, A-Dock, located on the northern portion of the project site, was reconstructed by NYCDPR. The remainder of the rehabilitation and improvements needed at the Boat Basin, including the reconstruction of C-Dock, was awarded to Moffatt & Nichol (M&N) who engaged MFS' professional surveying, geotechnical engineering, and site/civil engineering services to support the design and construction of the dock as well as a new fixed wave screen located at the southern portion of the site, reconstruction and potential expansion of the floating dock structures, and reconstruction of the dock house structure and associated utilities.

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79th Street Boat Basin
Manhattan, New York

Project Details

MFS Land Surveying Team performed topographical work on the 79th Street Boat Basin utilizing the Leica GNSS GPS Receiver, Leica GRZ 360o Prism, Leica CR Series Fiberglass Grade Rod, Single Tilt Prism and the Leica Total Station. The project involved several weeks of collecting data on permanent site elements such as dock pilings, marina utilities, seawall elevations and Boat Basin layout. Approximately 60,000+ square feet of pier and marina was surveyed by the Surveying team. This area includes pier space from about 74th Street to 80th Street, which measured a distance of about 1900 feet by 30 feet in width.

MFS' Geotechnical Team coordinated a subsurface investigation with our trusted drilling agency. MFS is special inspection accredited to provide inspections of subsurface investigations as required by the New York City Building Code (NYCBC) and provided full-time oversight during the investigation. Laboratory tests were conducted to classify soils and obtain geotechnical physical characteristics for soils and rock. The tests included Moisture Content, Sieve Analysis, Hydrometer Analyses, Atterberg Limits, Unconsolidated-Undrained Triaxial Tests, Bulk Unit Weight, and Unconfined Compressive Strength (Rock).

Site/Civil Engineering Services provided include support of the Utility and Site Plan Package, providing preparation and site review, a drainage and sewer investigation, schematic design drawings and preparation of additional preliminary design and final design documents. Finally MFS worked with the project team to obtain all required permits, providing necessary technical support, materials, and assistance necessary to file permits and other project documentation with the required agencies including:

  • NYC DEP – New York City Dept. of Env. Protection
  • NYC DSBS – New York City Department of Small Business Services
  • NYCDOB – New York City Dept. of Building
  • NYCDOT – New York City Dept. of Transp.
  • NYCDPR – New York City Dept. of Parks and Rec.
  • NYC DSBS – New York City Department of Small Business Services


  • Owner:
    New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (NYCDPR)
    • Client:
      Moffatt and Nichol (M&N)

Services Provided

  • MFS provides land surveying services throughout the tri-state area, specializing in site surveying, boundary surveys, topographical surveys, and utility surveys. One of the top surveying companies in NJ, we have extensive experience in real estate, infrastructure, utility, transportation and more.
  • MFS provides professional geotechnical engineering services including geotechnical investigation and subsurface exploration, soil engineering services, and permeability testing.
  • Our land development civil engineers help the client to manage the permitting process at all levels. Our site development approach simplifies the numerous moving parts, combining our in-house expertise from start to completion, including conceptual planning, landfill design, & stormwater management.