EWR Terminal B - Rehabilitation of Glass Curtain Wall

Newark, New Jersey

Project Overview

MFS Consulting Engineers & Surveyor, DPC (MFS) provided structural engineering services in support of the Newark Liberty International (EWR) Airport – Terminal B Rehabilitation of Glass Curtain Wall project located in Newark, New Jersey.

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Newark, New Jersey

Project Details

MFS supported KAPRIS Inc. throughout the duration of the glass curtain wall steel angle installation during the construction phase. MFS provided construction engineering office support, which included attending meetings and/or site visits, reviewing and/or developing shop drawings and temporary protection work plans, preparing supporting structural calculations, and generally preparing submittals, as required, for contractor means and method and to conform to project submittal/specification requirements.

Additionally, MFS supported KAPRIS Inc. by conducting the on-site survey support to obtain all the existing window bay top and bottom elevation measurements of the four curtain wall types for the entire facility. Due to the foreseen site conditions, the window bay top and bottom elevations were within a tolerance of +/- of eight (8) inches. MFS performed the site survey using traditional survey methods utilizing a total station, and laser 3D scanning at areas with limited or restricted access.

All drawings and supporting calculations prepared by MFS were signed and sealed by a New Jersey professional engineer for owner/EOR review and approval.


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Services Provided

  • MFS provides professional structural engineering services, working closely with private and public clients and contractors to engineer cost-efficient and sound structural systems, providing design services, building assessments, and structural inspections.