JFK – Parking Lot 12 Relocation

Queens, New York

Project Overview

MFS Consulting Engineers & Surveyor, DPC (MFS) was contracted by CHA Consulting Inc. to provide professional geotechnical engineering services for the American Airlines JFK Parking Lot 12 Relocation Project located at the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in Queens, New York. The project consisted of the relocation of the existing flight crew parking from its current location to two (2) areas adjacent to Hangar 10. The work associated with the relocation includes the addition of 800 parking stalls, in addition to miscellaneous site features such as bus shelters, light poles, guard booth, Airport Operation Area fence, and new security fencing

Queens, New York

Project Details

MFS coordinated with our in-house drilling agency (MFS Construction, LLC) to conduct four (4) full depth concrete/pavement cores within the footprint of the proposed flight crew parking lots and five (5) geotechnical borings. The purpose of the geotechnical borings and pavement cores was to inform the design of the parking lot and the foundations for the miscellaneous structures on site. Each boring was conducted to a depth of 32 feet below grade. MFS obtained samples continuously in the uppermost 20 feet below grade and at 5-foot intervals thereafter during each of the proposed borings. MFS completed all pavement coring using a Husqvarna DMS240 core drill.

MFS provided on-site, full-time special inspections during the subsurface field investigation for the project. During the pavement coring operations, MFS observed and documented the pavement layer thicknesses, any granular base present, and any granular subbase present. In addition, MFS classified the observed soil identified at the bottom of the pavement core in accordance with the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS).

During boring operations, MFS observed the subsurface conditions and generated test boring logs to include soil classifications in accordance with the USCS, action of equipment, and other noteworthy observations. The boring logs showed borehole and sample diameters and depths at which drilling, or sampling methods or equipment change. In addition, the logs showed total depth of penetration, blow counts, and types of sampling. The drilling equipment make and model, drilling method, date and time drilled, casing, any heaving conditions, loss of circulation, voids, or any other conditions observed during drilling were also noted on the logs.

Upon completion of the field subsurface investigation consisting of four (4) pavement cores and five (5) borings, MFS completed geotechnical laboratory testing and prepared a geotechnical engineering report. The geotechnical engineering report provided a summary of the subsurface investigation and a discussion of the local geology based on geologic publications and historic geotechnical data. In addition, the report provided foundation design and construction recommendations for the miscellaneous structures.


  • Owner:
    American Airlines

Services Provided

  • MFS provides professional geotechnical engineering services including geotechnical investigation and subsurface exploration, soil engineering services, and permeability testing.