NYC DEP GI-H Green Infrastructure at NYCHA Sites

Brooklyn, NY

Project Overview

MFS Consulting Engineers & Surveyor, DPC was contracted by Dewberry to provide professional land surveying services for a NYCDEP GI-H contract. Dewberry is under contract with NYCDEP to provide engineering services for green infrastructure projects at various NYCHA sites citywide. MFS supported the project by providing professional land surveying services during the design phase at several sites in Brooklyn, NY. The sites included Stuyvesant Gardens, Tompkins Houses, Albany Houses, Sumner Houses and Ocean Hill.

Brooklyn, NY

Project Details

MFS performed field surveys to locate physical features, including buildings, structures, walls, curbs, edge of pavement, walks, drives, ramps, depressed curbs, fences, guide rails, bollards, handrails, ramps, steps/stairs, street furniture, etc. Trees and drip lines were determined along major and minor axes of the tree canopy, as well as their diameters.

MFS obtained spot elevations and developed contours at one foot intervals. Elevations were obtained at breaks in grade to include bottom, top, and depressed curb, and tops and bottoms of walls. Crown of road, back of walk, building corners, swales, top/bottom of slopes were also included in the survey. MFS obtained elevations of the finished floor or cellar floor as applicable throughout the sites.

MFS located surface utilities including manholes, catch basins, trench drains, valve covers, utility/light poles, hydrants, chamber tops, etc. For storm drains and sanitary sewers MFS obtained measurements to determine inverts and pipe sizes at accessible manholes and catch basins. MFS determined the position of subsurface utilities based on the locations of surface utility structures and utility record documents.


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Services Provided

  • MFS provides land surveying services throughout the tri-state area, specializing in site surveying, boundary surveys, topographical surveys, and utility surveys. One of the top surveying companies in NJ, we have extensive experience in real estate, infrastructure, utility, transportation and more.