NYCEDC – Tompkinsville Esplanade and Pier

Tompkinsville, NY

Project Overview

MFS Engineers & Surveyors providing marine engineering and surveying services in support of a project to rehabilitate the Tompkinsville Esplanade and Pier projects located in Staten Island, New York in order to revitalize the project location.

Tompkinsville, NY

Project Details

MFS’ consulting services were retained by COWI to support the design efforts for two sub-projects. The esplanade sub-project included the reconstruction of a 2,700 linear foot esplanade from Lighthouse Point to Victory Boulevard, several infrastructure improvements, shoreline repair, waterfront open space, and public art. The NYCDOT Dock Builders Pier sub-project includes construction of a 68,000 square foot pier resilient to storm impacts that will also accommodate a locker room, office and storage space.

The Survey Team lead a number of technical surveys, and also supported a tree inventory. A topographic boundary survey determined the locations of right-of-way, property lines, easement lines and US Bulkhead and Pierhead lines as they front the waterway. MFS also performed a field survey that was used to locate buildings, the bulkhead, the pier (at intersection with the bulkhead), docks, seawalls and other site structures. Finally a bathymetric survey was performed to map the bottom contours of those areas below water.

Based on these findings a subsurface investigation was performed by the MFS Geotechnical Engineering Team. The investigation included six (6) water borings to a depth 100 feet below existing mudline in the vicinity of the proposed DOT Dockbuilders Pier and 16 land borings to a depth of 20 feet below grade along the proposed esplanade and adjacent roadways for civil and infrastructure purposes. MFS, a special inspection accredited consultant, provided full-time field oversight throughout the investigation.


  • Owner:
    New York City Economic Development Corp. (NYCEDC)

Services Provided

  • MFS provides land surveying services throughout the tri-state area, specializing in site surveying, boundary surveys, topographical surveys, and utility surveys. One of the top surveying companies in NJ, we have extensive experience in real estate, infrastructure, utility, transportation and more.
  • MFS provides professional geotechnical engineering services including geotechnical investigation and subsurface exploration, soil engineering services, and permeability testing.